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Map of Town with Route Planning
Map of Town 

General Plans


statistic departments

leisure facilities

historical buildings

town centre

statutes of preservation

statutes of city development

re-development areas


Use of General Plans

For reading and printing the general plans, you will need a free Adobe Reader®. You can download this software to your computer by the following link.

Download Adobe Reader®   Download Adobe Reader 


The general plan will be shown in a separate window. To find a particular destination, please click on the relevant mark in the legend on the left. When clicking on a number, e. g., respectively on the symbol, you will get further information.


By clicking on , the full page will be shown. By using and , the view can be enlarged or reduced.


If you keep the space-bar pressed, the hand-tool will appear, and by keeping the left mouse button pressed, you can move the shown detail.

For printing the page, please click on the printing-symbol .

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