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As residence town of the former principality of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, the town was part of the cultural triangle of Weimar, Rudolstadt and Jena, and experienced a time of prosperity in the 18th and 19th century. Rudolstadt and its surroundings are associated with the work of famous poets and scholars, like Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Wilhelm und Alexander Humbold, the musicians and composers Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt and Niccolo Paganini as well as the founder of the first kindergarten, Friedrich Fröbel.
Apart from the foundation of a porcelain manufactory in 1762, industrialisation arrived late in Rudolstadt, which long remained a place of townsmen who owned a smallholding. In 1874, a railway station was built and the entrepreneur Friedrich Adolf Richter made Rudolstadt known all over the world by his medicine and famous Anchor building blocks.


After abdication of the last prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt in 1918, the town became a council town in 1922. When a factory for synthetic fibres was established in Rudolstadt-Schwarza in 1935, the town became – and still is – an important location of chemical industry. Due to Castle Heidecksburg, the symbol of town that towers above the old town in the north, Rudolstadt still enjoys the reputation of being a cultural gem in Thuringia.


As an industrial location, the town is a successful symbiosis of charming scenery, living cultural traditions and entrepreneurial initiative.
In Rudolstadt, there are many enterprises of different industrial branches:
  • chemicals and pharmaceutical industry
  • electrical engineering/electronics
  • food industry
  • mechanical engineering/steel construction
  • medical engineering
  • paper industry
  • production of scientific instruments and many more.

Among these enterprises, there are well-known national and international companies, such as: BASF Performance Polymers GmbH , AEROPHARM GmbH, Siemens AG Healthcare Sector, RSB Rudolstädter Systembau GmbH and the Paper Factory Jass, Schwarza.


A multitude of small and medium-sized service providers have established in the periphery of these industries. From planning stage to appropriate industry service, you will find the adequate service for your business.

Well-qualified specialists and skilled workers, a modern infrastructure as well as a comprehensive offer of leisure and cultural activities make Rudolstadt an attractive town to investors.


Innovation and the latest, technological know-how are the basis of economically orientated research institutions like the Thuringian Institute for Textile und Synthetics Research in Rudolstadt-Schwarza or the Procedural Institute in Saalfeld. The towns of Rudolstadt, Saalfeld and Bad Blankenburg have united to the Urban Network Saalebogen (Saale bend) to promote the infrastructural development and coordinate appropriate measures in the region.


In Rudolstadt-Volkstedt, there is a modern Innovation and Start-up Centre.

If you are interested in the economical advantages of Rudolstadt and want to receive further information on economy and present industrial estates, please contact the department of Office for business development.

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